As with any workout regimen, nutrition is extremely important. To achieve great results you need to properly fuel your body and eat right. gMax35 advocates for a common-sense approach to nutrition.

Creator, Steve Gilbert says, “When I hear people trying crazy diets or skipping meals to lose weight, I just have to shake my head because I really don’t believe it will work for them. That’s why I have outlined five simple things you can do every day that will lead you to a healthier life.”

Healthy Eating Guide

Download our guide for an overview of the gMax35 approach to healthy eating.

The 5 Components of gMax35 Nutrition

  1. Water in the Morning
    Start your day with water. Water will flush out the waste from the night, energize you, and prepare you for the rest of the day.
  2. More Water
    Drink water throughout the day.
  3. Avoid Processed Food
    For example, If you wish to eat oatmeal for breakfast, buy plain oatmeal and add a little cinnaman or brown sugar. If there are 10 ingredients you have never heard of to flavor your food, it is not natural. There are conflicting studies out there, but I lean toward the cautious side when it comes to reducing artificial ingredients.
  4. Snacking
    Keep eating to fuel your body and rev the metabolism. Never skip breakfast and choose healthy snacks between meals such as almonds or Greek yogurt. Target having five small meals per day rather than eating a lot at any one meal.
  5. Make Dinner the Healthiest Meal
    Make dinner a healthy, balanced meal that is lower on the carbohydrate/sugar side. You need fuel and nutrition, but how much fuel do you need to sleep? Make sure to get plenty of protein without the “all you can eat pasta” option.

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