The Concept

gMax35 was created to get you maximum results in minimum time. We do this through ‘Balanced, Layered, Cross Training’. This means we focus on all areas of fitness including cardiovascular, core strength, flexibility, agility, and functional muscle endurance.  One key is the pre-calibration of weights, which allows the pace of the program to be much faster than that of traditional at-home workouts.

The Program

The 12 week gMax35 workout program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals. The first two weeks consist of working out 5 days per week with the “series 1” workouts. The third week, gMax35 changes, giving you additional rest days for recovery while still challenging your body with 2 new workouts.

The program is designed to be balanced and move quickly, with little down time except a few quick water breaks.  Each workout, with the exception of yoga, follow the same key structure:  Warmup, top to bottom stretching, primary workout focus area, core, final burn out, and deep stretches. “That’s a lot to pack into each workout, but that’s what it takes to get results, make the workout fly by, and keep it balanced.”

It doesn’t do any good to be able to run a marathon but not lift up simple objects without hurting your back, or to be big and muscular but unable to touch your toes. That’s why each workout contains elements to balance out your body.


The Workouts

IMG_0029-tWorkouts are carefully layered throughout the week so that each of the main muscle groups are worked numerous times. Flexibility and core areas are worked daily in smaller amounts. The core muscles including the abdominals and back are an essential part of any workout system.  Steve uses the concept of “a little each day” to ensure these key areas are worked without the monotony of laying on the ground doing sit-ups or core exercises for long periods of time. Each workout in the gMax35 series utilizes a variety of training methods to create maximum variety so you won’t get bored. Different muscle groups are worked throughout the week while flexibility and core are worked in every workout. The combination of routines in this program will get you in great shape in just 35 minutes a day.

Series 1

The first 2 weeks of the program follow the series 1 workouts. In this series you will be working out for 5 days.

  1. Day 1: Total Body Challenge 1 This workout is designed to work all main muscle groups in the same day. This adds a slight cardiovascular element, and prevents over-working anything. This workout prepares the body for the rest of the week.
  2. Day 2: Sports Agility This is Steve (AKA Coach Gilbert’s) favorite. A cardiovascular workout with a series of sports agility drills to challenge your agility.
  3. Day 3: Chest & Arms An intense at-home workout integrating just a few dumb-bells and challenging push-up workouts. This workout is designed to reach burnout quickly, to reduce the potential of injury and build muscle stamina. On top of that it works some of the “glamour muscles”.
  4. Day 4: Legs, Lats & Shoulders This workout is intended to target the remaining muscle groups in the upper body (shoulders and lats) and to get deep into the leg and glute muscles for strength. The lat exercises are designed for all levels, with the main program system containing no pull-ups. For advanced people that do want to include pull-ups, the option is given and demonstrated.
  5. Day 5: Power Yoga/Isometrics This fusion workout moves quickly and includes combinations of moves that challenge the body. This essential workout adds variety to the more traditional exercises done earlier in the week and has a focus on core strengthening and flexibility. Ending the week with this workout aids in recovery for the upcoming series next week.

Series 2

The third week, gMax35 changes, giving you additional rest days for recovery while still challenging your body with 2 different workouts.

  1. Day 1: Total Body Challenge 2 This workout uses the same concepts in Full Body Workout 1, but mixes up the moves for more variety.
  2. Day 2: Adventure Sports This workout takes us from Coach’s sports agility to adventure sports moves such as rock climbing and rowing across a lake (in your own living room of course).
  3. Day 3: Power Yoga/Isometrics Coach believes in Yoga every week to maintain flexibility. The Power series in this yoga also challenges all the major muscle groups to complete the workout week.

The Moves


Sports Agility

Sports agility moves may take some people back to their youth. These moves combine sports drills from soccer, football, volleyball and more. They are great for conditioning and fun to do.


Adventure Sports

Adventure sports takes concepts of sports agility, but adds a twist. You will use the gMax35 “obstacle course” in the comfort and safety of your home. You will mimic movements from rock climbing and kayaking to tone your body and build endurance.


Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is the best way to build strength and burn fat. In gMax35, weight lifting is mixed with a variety of training elements to decrease chances of injury due to repetitive motion. Practice proper form and your muscles will be burning by the end of the routine.



Increasing strength of your core is critical to reducing injuries. The added benefit of working out the core is achieving sculpted, toned abs your friends will be jealous of. Working the core is so important that we will work on them each and every day.

deep stretches

Deep Stretching

gMax35 is not just about cardio and muscle strength. By integrating deep stretching you will develop long, lean muscles by improving flexibility. Each routine involves deep stretches at the end of each workout when the body is warm helping to improve your flexibility more quickly and with less muscle strain.



Don’t think that “Yoga Day” means you get to take it easy. Steve condenses yoga workouts usually performed over 60-90 minutes into a jam-packed, high powered 35 minutes.


safety1Everyone is different and responds differently to exercise programs. gMax workouts are fast paced workouts designed to achieve maximum results in only 35 minutes per day. And while each gMax35 workout has been designed to be performed by any healthy person at their own pace, it is important that you listen to your body. It is important to stop working out if you feel it is too much. Especially if you have a history of injuries or heart, neck or back problems you should check with your doctor before you begin the program. Do not work out beyond your limits. Remember that fitness takes time. Slow and steady achieves results. Overdoing it to try and get there too fast may lead to injury.

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