1. How difficult is this program, I am worried it may be too difficult for me.

The program is meant to help as many people as possible to reach their fitness goals. It is no doubt challenging, but one of Steve’s core beliefs is for people to focus on slow and steady progress each day. During the program, there are different options illustrated for people who are either less or more advanced. You only need to give it your personal best, it is not a competition to try and keep up with Steve or the background workout people. The workouts follow the same general pattern:

  • Warm-up and Warm-up Stretches
  • Workout part 1
  • Core/abs
  • Last portion of workout
  • Stretching and Deep Stretches (normally 1 to 2 deeper stretches)

Remember that whatever you struggle with (flexibility, strength, cardio, etc.) is what your body needs most and is where you can make great improvement. As long as you are free of injury and pace yourself, that slow and steady progress will bring you to your optimum fitness level. If you stay with it you will be amazed at what you can achieve over the 12 week program.

2. How does this program compare to other programs on the market.

There are many differences. First and foremost, the system is designed to assist the widest array of people.  There are no advanced moves that form the basis of the program, but advanced options are shown.  As long as you are in good health and pace yourself properly you can have success, and if you are more advanced there are options that will be sure to challenge you.

Secondly, the gMax35 team spend considerable research in determining the optimum time for working out. It was finally concluded that 35 minutes is what it takes to really get a thorough warm-up, challenging workout, fit in ab/core work, and get a few deep stretches in per day to work on flexibility. All put together, the gMax35 concept of “balanced, layered, cross training” is one that really works.

Finally, many people may find the pace of the program to be different than that of traditional workout videos. This is because the weights are pre-calibrated, allowing Coach Steve to simply refer to “light”, “medium”, and “heavy” weights rather than having people fumbling around to figure out what to use.  This allows for a much more complete workout in a smaller amount of time.

3. Is there a meal plan or advice on eating?

The gMax35 plan was heavily influenced by Coach Steve – he knows it works because it is the one that he follows. It is a common sense approach. Because diets are normally temporary and have only limited results, the eating guide is intended to be a more common sense approach to eating that people can really follow throughout their life for better health.

4. What if I have never worked out before?

If you have never worked out before, it is recommended that you spend a little time with a personal trainer before beginning this program. The reason is that, as Steve constantly reminds people, form is the most important aspect of exercise. Steve gives plenty of advice on form and posture, but since he cannot see you, if you are totally new to exercise it is beneficial to have someone introduce you to the basic movements before taking it to the next level.

5. What if I am very advanced and want an extreme program?

Since personal best is the key to this program, and there are advanced options available such as pull-ups, advanced people will find this program plenty challenging and beneficial. Most notably people that are advanced in one or two areas will also benefit from balancing out their body by working on each element of fitness throughout the program.

6. Do I need to be able to do pull-ups?

Pull-ups are not a core part of this program, but are shown as an advanced option for those that happen to have a pull-up bar at home.   We primarily use lat pulls which are plenty effective in getting you strong and ripped.

7. Can I get advice if I struggle with any of the work-outs?

Absolutely, the gmax35 team can be reached at “info@gmax35.com” and is glad to help.

8. What is the main purpose of this workout program?

The main purpose is to get people to optimum fitness. This means all elements of fitness which includes flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, and functional muscle strength. To be in truly great shape you need to have balanced fitness. For example you could be a marathon runner but if you lack upper body strength and don’t work on other elements of fitness, you are more prone to injury and will not show the same body transformation as with cross training. This program is intended to be the most balanced program that can be fit into 35 minutes so you can get into truly great shape.

9. How do I calibrate my weights?

The weight calibration is found in the “main introduction” section of the program on disc 1 as well as in the quick start guide.

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