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The gMax35 workouts were designed for today's busy world.

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Just did day 1. Love, love, love it and love that I could get it done in the morning while the babies were sleeping.

Stacey, San Diego, CA

The 35 min time limit is great. I have time in my day to workout 5 days a week. This is a plus b/c of my busy work schedule, but I figure if a family practice doc can put in 5 days a week, anyone can.

Ed A. DO, Arizona

As a full time engineer in the construction field, I don’t have much energy to hit the gym at night. A friend of mine introduced me to GMAX 35 which he had started two months prior to me. When I started the program I never realized that it could be so easy to follow and at the same time effective. This program is highly recommended for busy people who only have 35 min a day to get in shape

Sepand M., Orange County, CA

As with any exercise program you should consult with your Physician before starting.  Results may vary from user to user.

The Latest from Coach Steve

I developed the gMax35 system to be balanced, practical, and to help as many people as possible to regain a top level of fitness and energy.  As a certified personal trainer and ASEP certified coach backed by a team of outstanding contributors to the program, the gMax35 system is here to assist busy people to achieve great results in just 35 minutes per day.  Join our healthy lifestyle team and get support and tips needed to get in shape and live life to its fullest.

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gMax35 System

The program was developed with today’s busy world in mind.  Most people don’t have hours per day to go to the gym.  The gmax35 program moves quickly and is efficient to pack each workout into only 35 minutes.

Minimal Equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership for this program. I designed this program for the average person with an above average schedule.

All you need are a few weights, a mat and your own determination to power through these workouts.

Our Techniques

gMax35 was created to help you reach your fitness goals.

gMax35 uses the concept of ‘Balanced, Layered, Cross Training’. This means you will build cardio endurance, core strength, flexibility, agility, and functional muscle endurance throughout each of the workouts.

Ready to get Fit!

These workouts are just 35 minutes so they can fit a busy schedule.  Steve and the gMax35 team are here for advice and to answer questions along the way.  Our system will keep you on track for steady progress toward your fitness goals.

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*As with any program, you should check with your Doctor before starting.  Results may vary from user to user.